Exposed Chimney, Open Floor Plan

A client of ours saw our blog post on Exposed Chimneys and was inspired…

Exposed Chimney 1st peekThis began as the tale of a mother who wanted to be able to watch her children from the kitchen.  But THAT would require the removal of not one, but TWO walls!  However, there was this chimney.  It sat squarely in the way of tearing down the LR wall.  Rumor has it that it sat behind plaster since the early 1900’s.  Upon our initial visit, we mentioned to the homeowner that there may be virtue in exposing it as an architectural feature.  Though skeptical, she visited our blog post which featured Exposed Chimney ideas from HOUZZ…

Exposed Chimney Project – Exeter, PA

View from kitchen - wall removalThis picture is what ‘mom’ saw looking toward the Living Room.  Pretty occluding… Notice the casing around the opening.  This was original to this century-old house.  When opening up this wall, we meticulously removed that casing and repurposed some of it throughout the first floor.  The door (in the frame below) benefited from some of that repurposing.

Exposed ChimneyRemoving the 2 walls involved discovering to what extent they were weight-bearing.  There were also electrical wires & outlets to contend with, once we scaled back the walls.  Outlets were moved and wiring traveling to the 2nd floor was rerouted. After that, our drywalling expert went to work, to make sure the walls seemed like they were “always this way.”  Our match-up was so precise, no one would be able to tell this was a major alteration!

The “After” pictures highlight the Open Floor plan – giving mom a direct line of sight to her children throughout the entire first floor.  They also zoom in on the architectural centerpiece of the 1st floor – the Exposed Chimney.  Truth is that when you’re in its presence, you can’t stop staring at it!  This REALLY turned out beautiful.

Exposed Chimney Open Floor Plan

This client had installed the laminate floor a few years back. But, /*NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS…*/ he had enough forethought to buy 3 EXTRA packs of the flooring. It was this that made our renovations possible – without having to also replace and redo the entire floor.  And, YES, we used all three packs!

Jason and FamilyIf you have a chimney or other feature in your home, and would like an opinion about how we can develop it into an architectural showpiece that will add beauty & value to your home, why not contact us?  Our estimates are FREE!

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